Thursday, July 17, 2014

so fast foward 2 years...and what happened.

salam and hi.
i know i prolly have no readers by now. left the blog for two whole years.
life as a ho was interesting. i wont (damn,theres no autocorrect in these things?)

anyway, i won't forget the two interesting years i went through at hkl.
it was superb, and can be better if not for my laziness.
(see some things doesn't change around here)

so, what else doesn't change?
me. i'm still me. still not married and thus no kids yet.
i worried about it once in a while, but why worry about things you can't do anything about it right?
i mean, i prayed and did get to know sooome guys that soooome people tried to kenenkan.
haha. well doesn't work out yet I guess.
just believe in His plans.

what is changing?
of course, like i said, finished 2 years in HKL means finished housemanship already laaa...
responsibility increased, booom!
KKM said, dear ho, u can't stay in kuala lumpur, please get out. here's your next posting for your moship : Pahang.

phew. what a relief. at least not sabah or sarawak. but pahang...? again...?
okay. sila jangan byk complaint and ikut saja.

okaylah. enuff ramblings till now.

lets take a moment to pray for my late friend, who passed away recently after years of combatting cancer.
you are always in our hearts.

Salam Ramadhan. Jangan sia siakan masa yang ada.

and please, pray for Gaza.

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