Friday, May 18, 2012

part 2 : SPA interview

Alhamdulillah the interview was over.
Here are some of the questions:
1.Who choose medicine? Is it you, your mom, or your dad?
2.Why choose medicine?
3.What makes a good doctor? Bad doctor?
4.What are the responsibility of a housemen?
5. What are the difficulties you find during your study years in Indonesia?
6. What are the main diseases in Malaysia?
7. Examples of tropical disease?
8. Tell me about malaria.
9.Tell me about dengue. (please refer to cpg for answers)
10. If you are a public health doctor, what would you do if there is a dengue case?

Actually it's pure luck really. My interview panel was super nice. They comprise of 2 people, 1 from SPA, 1 from KKM. So 1 will ask the non-medical questions, the other the medical questions.

My friends had different experiences from me. Some have to answer about 1 Malaysia, National Key Result Ares(NKRA) for the non-medical questions. Some are quite lucky, where the KKM representative cant make it, so they just have this 'chit-chat'.

It's good to be prepared, you are going to be a doctor after all. :)

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