Tuesday, August 16, 2011


salam. this is my new home for the past month. i had 2 more weeks here.
RSU Dr. Pirngadi.

it was far from home, so we often get tired once we reach home. the traffic didn't help either.
but i feel this whole new experience is great, a change of place is refreshing.

there were many co assistants/young doctors fom different universities, not to mentions towns also.
Apart from USU, there were UNBRAH from Padang, UMI from Medan, and also UISU from Medan too.

this is us. the USU kawan-kawan. the two guys of the left are azmi & mansor, who are her for gynaecology,

two weeks left for obstetrics. one week left for exam.
adam malik is missing us, we know.
we had too much fun here.

macam karangan english PMR pulak.

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harimau said...

now, by the time m posting this comment, u're already in exam week. good luck for ur exam!