Wednesday, May 13, 2009

not a comeback,just chattering

yes i know i havent blog much and i dont think people do read my blog anymore.

"its ok, nevermind," my lecturer would said.

it's the end of emergency medicine block, and we're struggling to finish 10 weeks of notes in 2 days.

after the exam would be another series of exams, and then i'll be home.

back to home, after 8 months living like a true Medan girl.

i miss my home so much, miss my parents, siblings, friends, foods, and so on.
(see how the food came after the people?)


i cant wait to replenish my energy with seeing the spactees.
hanging out with along.
listening to adik and abang stories.
meeting up friends.

c u soon!


As said...

gud luck!
jangan down

cepat2 finish up and come back home

aiichan said...

woot, i still read your blog XD

good luck to us.

jennyto said...

As : tenkiu! huhu tak down sgt..tapi stress..biasela student...
lame tak berkomunikasi..!! thx visit my blog..!

aimi : woot! riichan-owner! hehe..yup goodluck to us!!

CipanTenukTapir said...

ui.. tak blog lg ka?